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March 15, 2003
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The Impact V2 by steve-o-mac The Impact V2 by steve-o-mac
This is a V2 of The Impact, I added more effects, I tryed to make it look like the planet was cracking but it looks ok, any advice or suggections on other effects please tell me.

Enjoy =) (Smile)
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iax Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2004
Nice work I love the detail. Keep it up.
skurvy Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2003
superb job here ;) (Wink) you got a nice gal but this was what I liked most, to bad there arent any colors.. ;) (Wink) +devwatch for sure :) (Smile)
jody-mits Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
Frikken Awsome!! Keep up your awsome work man. love it!
revolutionmethod Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
Wow, this is an excellent wallpaper. The impacts look very strong and powerful and the light looks very nice, using black and white really sets it off too. Great job.
kipper Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003
Very nice work, indeed
tigaer Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
very powerful, strong piece. these impacts look great. these effects around them too. excellent job :) (Smile) do you create these starmaps in the background by hand? photoshop or so? would be interesting what technique yuo use.
damphyr Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
~looks at the sea of comments~ Wow...

GEZE this is GREAT! I really like the light in it, such power in it exploding. Very nice job :D (Big Grin)
atomical Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
this is gonna own verions!!! imo :D (Big Grin)
bookdiva Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2003
I love the contrasts of tones, the explosive look to this, nice lines and movement, the whiteness patterns against the sphere, nice work, beautiful.
lord-zany Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2003
k steve-o this is by far the coolest thing ive seen done by you.

i agree the cracks seem different... they look more like they are reaching out from the blast, but a valiant effort. Well done still.

Also, the shockwave doesnt seem right, something about it, maybe too flat, i dont know. O_o

Not enough color in my opinion, with color and what not this could have been better. In my opinion.

Good idea though, having more than one explosion.

I say add some colors, more detail, you thought there was enough? there's not, make it insanely elaborate.

A beam shooting through a planet would be cool.

Fix the problems up and it'll kick more ass, ill fav it for now though.
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